Columbia College Library

The Columbia College Library is located at 624 S. Michigan Ave. and is a gathering place for intellectual and artistic freedom and expression, where we consistently surprise and delight our community with a fierce dedication to coloring outside of the lines in support of lifelong learning. Please enjoy this Library-related goodness:

Today in 1979

Swimmer Diana Nyad succeeded in her third attempt at swimming from the Bahamas to Florida without a Shark Cage.

Recommended Listen: Diana Nyad 1st To Complete Cuba-To-Florida Swim Without Shark Cage

Source: Redeye Chicago, Photo

(via art-activism)

Today in History: 1899

Filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock was born in London

Recommended Reading: Alfred Hitchcock : a life in darkness and light

Source: Redeye Chicago, Photo

Today in History: 2004

Britain granted its first license for human cloning for the purpose of stem cell research

Recommended Reading: Human Cloning: Science, Ehtics, and Public Policy edited by Barbara MacKinnon

(IVF was regarded with extreme suspicion but became widely accepted after the birth of Louise Brown, the first ‘test tube baby’, pictured above, Sir John argues Photo: REX FEATURES)

Source: Redye Eye Chicago, Photo